flower floating in water

Hello !

Do you need a distraction?

TW // repeating gifs. may be nauseating or triggering to some.

created by @SWEETDlESEL on twitter.

alright! which do you need at the moment?

harry potter game

breathing exercises and mental health resources

rippling water

that's alright! would you still like to play along? do you still need something?

alright! have a good day!

beating heart

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harry potter and ron weasley hugging


good choice !

you got your acceptance letter to hogwarts! it's time to fill out a form and send it back before you head out to get your supplies!
(recommend opening in another tab)

done filling out your form? lets head into diagon alley to send our letter and do some shopping!

hogsmeade sign

(click on the signs to head out!)

welcome to diagon alley !

rippling water

we stopped by the post office on our way and sent the letter! time to shop for our supplies!

  • 1 wand

  • 1 cauldron

  • 1 set glass or crystal phials

  • 1 telescope

  • 1 set brass scales

let's stop by ollivanders wand shop first!

ollivanders wand shop

(click on the shop to head there!)

welcome to ollivanders wand shop! let’s get started and let the wand choose you!

hermione holding a wand

if you’d like to watch a short clip of harry potter receiving his wand, click the link below!

are you ready to get your wand? choose one of the icons below to receive your wand!

here is your wand!

wand held in the air surrounded by woods

after a few tries with different wands, this one worked perfectly. you did it effortlessly... almost.

let’s keep going! next up we should shop for a cauldron.

tw // mention of explosions

here is your wand!

wand laying on top of a blanket

luckily, on your first try you managed to find the wand for you! no explosions or anything! great job!

let’s keep going! next up we should shop for a cauldron.